Hi, I have a table which was holding values in a text field in ISO-8859-1 format. I am wanting to convert this data to UTF-8. I started by changing the field type to ntext. Should I also need to pull out the data, re-encode it in UTF-8 and put it back in? I assume I do as when I changed the html charset to be UTF-8 the cahracters were not displaying properly.

I actually tried to do this as well(pulling out the data, re-encoding it and inserting it again), but it doesnt seem to work....
I tried using mb_convert_encoding, and utf8_encoding, but neither seemd to work.

Actually the only time I was able to get anything UTF8 to work was by using a form to insert some japanese characters into the database, and using utf8_encode before saving them. It seems to actually store the UTF8 character code(which when retrieved displays fine on the webpage).


PS I was using PHP to interact with the DB

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any newsies on this ? as I need to do the same thing.
maybe you have some good advise and or code

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