I am relatively new to mysql. I am updating a site for a customer, and I'm using mysql 5 w/ phpMyAdmin. I was supplied an .sql (echeck.sql) script to build the database for this site. I create a database named "echeck" in phpMyAdmin, and once created go to the import tab of phpMyAdmin to import the .sql script...when i click the "go" button i recieve this:


SQL query:

-- Dumping data for table `tbl_tax`
INSERT INTO `tbl_tax` ( `taxid` , `taxdesc1` , `taxper1` , `taxst1` , `taxdesc2` , `taxper2` , `taxst2` , `taxdesc3` , `taxper3` , `taxst3` , `taxdesc4` , `taxamt1` , `taxst4` , `taxdesc5` , `taxamt2` , `taxst5` , `tax_prt_id` )
VALUES ( 1, 'tax1', 0.00, '1', '', 0.00, '', 'tax2', 0.00, '', 'tax4', 0.00, '1', '', 0.00, '', 26 ) , ( 2, 'taxa', 2.00, '1', 'taxb', 2.00, '1', 'taxc', 2.00, '1', 'taxd', 23.00, '1', 'taxE', 2.00, '1', 52 ) ;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1265 - Data truncated for column 'taxst2' at row 1

The script apparently kicks out and not all the tables are created. Does anyone know the cause of this? should i not be using import to run the script? if so how do i run it then?

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Probably your on a uix/linux host. Just edit the file in a ksh session with vi and use ":set list:" (look for the "^M" and "$"
Probably there has been a file transfer where the make up of the file was corrupted.
Just use a binairie file transfer to make shure the make up of the file isn't corrupted


No, I am using apache on my local machine. This site is temporarily offline. The .sql files i am importing are coming from my /htdocs folder


Whoa...did not look closely enough apparently haha sorry. thanks


No sorry my friend, I just need your interest I want you get fast and correct answer, and I am sorry I couldn't help :)


the data you are inserting is to long or the field as defined in sql is to small
#1265 - Data truncated for column 'taxst2' at row 1
make the column taxst2 biger or insert less, it looks like it is happening on the first record being inserted

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