I am trying to insert tables into a database that I created at runtime, I am using MS SQL Server Express, and I have tested this query and it works, in the sense that a table is created. However the small text field (stringText [char]) only has a length of 1, that is not very useful... When I try to specify a length i.e. varchar(MAX) or varchar(255) or any other value really it gives me an error that Column, parameter, or variable #2: Cannot find data type varchar(255).

I have set up a msg box to show the SQL that I generate whenever I run the program. It is as follows:

Portfolio Generator 3.0
Inserting into Database: 
BEGIN TRANSACTION CREATE TABLE [dbo].[testTable] ( [testTableID] [int] NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, stringText [char] NULL DEFAULT (''), largeText [text] NULL DEFAULT (''), integerVal [int] NULL DEFAULT ((0)), doubleVal [int] NULL DEFAULT ((0)), dateVal [datetime] NULL DEFAULT (04/25/2008), boolVal [tinyint] NULL DEFAULT ((0))) COMMIT

Any questions about something I may have left out will be happily answered, and any help that is given, thank you in advance.

get rid of the square brackets around the varchar(255) and it will work fine.

For that matter, why are you putting them around the datatypes anyway? I've never seen anyone do that.