Hello Everyone

I'm trying to make a query that returns the name of the 'bundle owner' according to the bundle number.

On the main table i have the bundle number in this format '676Z703009-1' and on the table that corresponds to the bundle owners we have the bundle number abbreviated like this '703009' (this is only the 6 digits after the 'Z' on the main table)

I need to make a query that looks if there is correspondence between the two tables so the query gives me the name of the bundle owner

I'm trying to use a query like this

SELECT squawks.*, squawksbbo.bundleowner AS 'bbo'
FROM squawks LEFT JOIN squawksbbo
ON(squawks.bundashno LIKE %squawksbbo.bundle%)

I was thinking the '%' wildcard would help me on this but seems like its not helping at all. I made a test changing one of the main table bundles to its short form (the 6 digits only) and changed the 'ON' condition of the query to
ON(squawks.bundashno = squawksbbo.bundle) and it actually gives me the result I’m looking for but only on the row that the sort bundle name is located.

Any ideas?? Thanks on advance!!

Hi, Rather than using wildcards I think you should try using the trim function on the string.

However if you have a big table this will be slow (but not as slow as wildcards!).

Maybe it would be faster if your numbers after the Z were in a separate column?

Thanks a lot! it worked fine... now i'm improving my code!!

Thanks a lot! it worked fine... now i'm improving my code!!

Coud You write your solution? Thank You. :)