I want to make a procedure that runs at every day at certain time. I read that I have to do Scheduling, but to do it I should have sql server agent. I am using sql server express edition with sql management studio express endition. But there is no sql server agent, I don't know if its there and I should enable it, or I should use another version of sql server or another version of sql managment studio. And is there a way to do it without using the sql server agent.

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I tried to install a sql server developer edition. I don't know if it contains the sql server agent, but I didn't find it . I am using sql management studio express edition.


Managment studio is for managing things that are provided with server, so it will show agent option only if you get appropriate version of the software.
To understand what I'm saying here is link of SQL server Comparison, check out Manageability table last row

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