I use MS Sql Manager 2008. I need to extract some diagrams from my database. I tried to use reverse engineering in Visio but there is some problem with compatibility Visio drivers with my DB.
Have any idea how to set up this and get the diagram(s)?
Anyway I found an easy way how to design diagram in MS Sql Manager directly. But it offers the output format .msd or .bmp only. I would like to change design of the diagram and get output in vector format.
thanks for advice

Vector format, what you trying to do with them?

Vector format, what you trying to do with them?

just put it into the .pdf file

You can do that with bmp format no problem at all

Few more things I just tried

  1. In Managment Studio open diagram, right click on diagram and select "Copy to Clipboard", fire up your favourite image editing tool and past it there. Save in any format you wish.
  2. Use PrintScr on your keyboard to take screenshot of the diagram, open image editing software save in any format you want.
  3. If you have full version of Acrobat you can use print option topush diagrams to Adobe Printer