have had to move some file across from one server to another and i am now getting access denied for user. it also says it could not connect to the server.

i have changed the site path so it is now the address where the files have benn moved across to.

This might be a invalid username or password issue. Are you providing the correct parameters to connect to mysql server?

I am having similar problem rigth now. I installed the MySQL ODBC driver version5.1 and I've configured my database on the server. I supplied my server name (mydomain.com), my username(myserveruserid_databaseuser), my password(myserveruserid_password) and my database name(myserveruserid_mydatabasename). However, upon clicking test connection button, below is the connection parameters result:

Connection failed: [HY000][MySQL][ODBC5.1 Driver] Access denied for user "databaseuser@'IP address' (Using password:YES)

I have checked and again but I seem not to find anything wrong. please what Ihave I done wrong? Please help.

MySQL has an involved permissioning system that can take some getting used to. Their documentation is, naturally, the best place to start.

kevin wood, it seems likely that your new MySQL install simply doesn't have the old server's permission information at all, and needs to be set up with it.

emiola, I'm not sure whether you've configured the permissions on the MySQL server or not. I can't tell whether you're saying you've done that, or whether you're just talking about putting these values into phpmyadmin or some such. If you haven't set up the permissions information (users and passwords and what the users can do), you need to connect to your server as the administrative user and do that. If you have, you may be having a problem where you set up the user, but only from a specific domain or IP number, and your connection is coming in from someplace else.