Hi there

What I'd like to do is store a paragraph in a column and pull roughly the first 200 characters of the paragraph and display them on a page as a snippet. Is this possible? If so could someone give me a link or code snippet on how to do this. I'd really appreciate it.

try these

SUBSTRING(srting, position, length)

SELECT SUBSTR(Column_name,1,200)
SELECT SUBSTRING(Column_name, 1, 200)


SELECT LEFT(Column_name, 200)

:?: Hope this works ..

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Hmmm, I was also a bit perplexed by Xsimulator.net's post.

Hi Sulley, thanks for your post. Going to give it a try a little later. ;)

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SUBSTRING(srting, position, length)

SELECT SUBSTRING(Column_name, 1, 200)

This one worked perfectly for me. Haven't tried the rest though. Thanks so much for the help.