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Normally I'm not designing database but have the need to implement an internal questionaire system.

I'm wondering if anyone has examples of desigining a database for exams/etc? What I'm finding difficult is the need for multiple types of questions:

1. Multiple choice, one correct answer
2. Multiple choice, multiple correct answer
3. Text answer
4. Put items in the correct order answer

I've been trying to find an example of a database that stores different type of questions/answers or a book/website that shows how to create this type of system but yet to find one.

Is it best to create different tables for questions/answers? Different tables for different type of questions?

Or store the type of question and the answer in the one record?

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In your case there possibility of more then one answer

  1. 3 or 4 tables that will put together questionar
  2. combination of database and coding coordination. Database can hold question with possible answer/s but you can also have field for page/coding action "create text field/area", "sort" that will trigger certain actions on your page
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