Im a newbie,
I have compiled apache and mysql in the same server;i need to host a site that has perl scripts and the database linking .How to integrate the mysql server to apache for smooth functioning of this site??

What is your OS?

im using TRUSTIX 3.0.5

perl dbi installed ;an index login page is uploaded ;inside home dir cgi-bin dir there is perl scripts.

The databases also has been restored using mysql dump.inside that restored dbs there is a table which contains the user name and password for this site login.

How could i connect this database with site.

Now I'm little confused you want to know how to install MySQL under certain TRUSTIX OS or you want to know how to access MySQL with the use of Perl?

apache & mysql already installed in my TRUSTIX server.

Now i just need to host my website thatz having index.html which contains login fields username & password with a submit button.
Only this index page is here as html.All other pages are .pl extension file which are inside cgi-bin directory.
Client says if installation of mysql,perl-dbi is OK it ll be possible to login with username & passwd which are in the mysql database.

I did n't get the logic.Plz help mi.

what all i have to do in the server for the working of this site possible?

If you looking for Perl with MySQL code examples there are many on internet

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