I am having trouble figuring out what tables to create and how to setup the relationships properly to design a sturdy normalized database for personal finance. I am wanting to create a database that will be able to track income and expenses and compare it to budgeted amounts in each category and subcategory. I want to be able to create a budget that can be tracked not just by monthly, but mainly based on pay periods. Being able to budget the individual paychecks and what gets paid out of each.
The 2nd part is to be able to track all expenses and transfers both into and out of the acounts. There will be multiple accounts being tracked this way.

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That's a very tall order. You should look into Quickbooks Simple Start (still free, I think), Quicken, or if you need/want something free, try Nola Pro.

I actually use MS Money right now. I would like to create this project though as the budgeting aspect of MS Money, Quicken, etc do not work the way I would like them to. I am looking for a different way of presenting and working with my budget.

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