This is my SQL exercise questions. I got it from my friend. Honestly, I am starting to learn SQL language.

Now I am using MS SQL 2003. When I've tried to answer the question, there are much error in my answer. So, could you plz try to answer the questions. May be the questions are very easy for you all guys. That all questions are basic level. But for me is quite difficult so, I would like to appreciate you all guys if you answer this questions.

Thank you so much...

Question 1
SQL exercise 1.doc - 0.05MB

Question 2
SQL exercise 2.doc - 0.05MB

Hi Mr Kosilence.
First of all you have to change the names i.e There is only one primary key for each entity .....example you have written that Room contains room details for each hotel and (roomNo, hotelNo) forms the primary key; This is absolutly wrong the main thing is you have to write that roomNo is primary key..but HotelNo references Hotel which is as foriegn key .....Just in Many to Many relationship there can be two primary keys that are coming from the two entites but....in this case you have give a reference to the key i.e foriegn key to the HotelNo when you are entering in Room Entity .
Thanks Best of Lucks..
Abid NS.