I need help with joining these two tables:


idx idy
one 1
two 2
tree 3


idy u
1 a
2 b
3 c
4 d
5 e
6 f

I want to show rows from the Table1 that have idx=one joined with all the rows from Table2.
So, I want to join these two tables so that Table1.idy=Table2.idy and Table1.idx=one
The result table should look like this.

Result table:

idx idy u
one 1 a
NULL 2 b
NULL 3 c
NULL 4 d
NULL 5 e
NULL 6 f

Could someone help me with this?

i don't see how you are expecting idx = NULL for 2-6, when you have both entries for idy in both tables

are you sure this is what you are wanting?

Try this command:

select	T1.idx, T2.idy, T2.u
  from	Table1 T1 right join Table2 T2 on
	T1.idy = T2.Idy and T1.idx = 'one'