We have a MS Access database located on a shared drive. Is there a way I can allow multiple users to access and update the database at the same time?

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There are ways, but you need to consider carefully what simoutaneous updating you wish to do.

For example if you have a database of names and addresses and two people wish to update it at same time, then if they wish to update different records, no problem should occur. However if they try and update same record then which one is correct ?

What do you have in mind ?


Update the same table (adding/editing) and updating different tables in the database. They can all access the database at the same time but can not update it. I know it can be a problem with editing the same table but is it a way where if they are all adding to the database it will update?

is this forms-based, that is, does each user update tables through forms? or does the user simply open a table?

is this a relational database? are the tables linked by foreign keys? or is this just a bunch of tables?

In access 2003 you can change the recod locking options under TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> ADVANCED and you can choose:

Open Mode (shared or exclusive)

- Shared allows multiple users to run the database, exclusive doesnt.

"Default Record locking" has choices for:

No locks (BAD IDEA!!!)
All records (impractical)
Edited record (what you want)

chooosing edited record lets users use the database together but not work on the same record e.g a customer at once.

I have included a picture to show you:

Thanks That Worked For Me.

I still did not get it. If someone asks whether simultaneous updation causes any error or not, what will be my answer? Yes or No

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