I have a table with image datatype and I wana insert an image in the image field, for example

insert into dbo.Products(ProductID, ProductName, ProductPrice, ProductImage)
valeus(144, '8 Gig Lenovo memory Stick', 250.00, 'Image from C:Drive or where ever the image residing')

Thanx in advance

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What programming language you're using? If VB.NEt, you may try Daniweb's site search. I've answered the same or at least very similar question few times. A pretty good search phrase is "image SQL Server VB.NET" (without quotes).

Im not using VB.Net or any other language but SQL Server 2000, I need to write an insert statement im quiry builder in SQL which will be inserting an image and other records in my table, Im sure there is a way to do that, I just dont wana write a code in C# neither in VB to do that, I Wana insert in straight to SQL then I can retrieve it later from SQL using C#

Oh thanx that was very helpful

how to insert image in sql ?!!!!
the link is not work

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