I have created DB applications using MS-SQL and VB.

But, I am new for distributed database program development. Will you please help to design one?

Simply your application on a machine and your database on another, the 2 machines connected together....


What you have described is CLIENT / SERVER architecture. Distributed Database Program Development "sounds" like something else.


Please could you expand your definition of Distributed Database Program Development.



From my experience in Daniweb, most of people give the thread a different title which isn't related to the question and others give a lot of terminologies although their problem is simple!!

We are working on a project & finding an issue while accessing the data from SQL Server.

Problem: Display of record in search console of application on number of times it has been processed.

Consider we have a record which needs to be displayed 5 times a day in search console & it has been running on client server architecture. Now the record has been displayed for 4 times in a day & then at the same moment 3 client machines request for same data at same time. So if we allow display of that data to all 3 machines & stops the processing on 2 machines ..then it will be not user friendly approach as we should stop display rather than stop the processing.

Solution :
1. We can check out for concurrent request to record (can this be handled by any system or sql command ? )
2. We can display the record but not allow the processing (I don’t want this approach)

Looking ahead for some solution.

Yogesh Huja