hello everyone i am currently working on a php script on my website. I wanted to make a script for registering users. So that they may log in, log out, register, and access member only functions.

I found a good tutorial online but since im fairly new to php and have never worked with SQL i dont have a good idea of what i am doing.

In the website below the user says to make a SQL table so we can keep track of all the members. I have gone into my webhosting control panel and have made a new SQL table but i have no way of modfying it with what he says to put in it.


Name the table "dbUsers." It will need 4 fields:

Name             Type                 Addition
id                          int(10)              Primary Key, AUTO_INCREMENT
username            varchar(16)        Unique
password            char(16)          
email                   varchar(25)

I would appreciate any help. I am quite lost with this :(

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Why can't you modify it? what are you using to edit the mysql database does your hosting offer phpmyadmin?


yes it has phpMyadmin. I went into it and found my database then i clicked on MySQL and i can now type inside of a text box that says Run SQL query/queries on the current database. Would this be were i have to put that code?


No that is not a code to create tables you have to manually do it. in your database you have to create a table dbusers then in dbusers create the fields id username password etc. can you im me a screenshot of phpmyadmin?


Go to the main database page of phpMyAdmin.
Look for a input box for creating tables.
Name it dbUsers
Use the information above in the form.
Click Save
Use Google for simple things.
Don't rely on tutorials.
All done.

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