attached is a screenshot of what my table already has for the URL
The column headings are the same as column names. Now, if I do the following statement:

select * from assign2 where UPPER(keyword1) LIKE '%MICROSOFT%';


select * from assign2 where keyword1 LIKE '%microsoft%';

I am being returned an empty set.
Any suggestions?

What type of collation is this?

run this


also try this statement also

select * FROM assign2 WHERE UPPER(CONVERT(keyword1 USING latin1)) LIKE '%MICROSOFT%';

Yes, the select statment worked! Could you please tell me why Convert and using latin1 were required?

What is the result of the show full columns statement i sent you, if its latin1_bin thats why

The select statement provided with me with the same data set that I had attached as an image. Thanks alot for helping!