i made a registration script but i dont know how to make the whole website and all its directories protected please help.

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simply set a userid or anything in session when login authentication is true..
and check that set value on every page of website

for example
u r checking authentication on a page..
if(authentication = true)
set something in session.
display content or redirect...(whatever you want)
on the start of every page check if the value is set or not..
if yes page should be displayed otherwise...redirected to login page..


Break down your questions in as many parts you can , I could not understand what are you asking for .


ok well how do i make it so people can log in?
im new i dont understand. i have a mysql database with registration info and i also have a registration script.
im trying to make a login

i dont want the login to only work for one directory i want it to wor for my whole site.

how do i do that? make it work for my whole site.

i see that there is a login authentication but
how do i make that?


im using php and mysql but i still dont get how to protect every page in multiple directories.

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