I dont actaully know where to post my question below, so this looked like the best place next to a "generel web discussion" forum but none found.

OK, basically i need some advice from you guys on excately what steps i should follow on how to create a browser based application that can go onto a cd using a MS Access 2003 database done with Dreamweaver CS2.

1. I have IIS installed on my work pc and it is working fine (testing server)
2. I have a database with the information (no queries written).

What i need to know is do i need to write any queries in Access to be able for Dreamweaver to access the database ( in this case i want to create a search option on a webpage, which will display the information on either the same browser page or opens another) and have buttons on the same page as the search function that will display the specific category the button is setup to show.

All this needs to run off a cd. I am also going to try and incorporate this into an Intranet that i am trying to develop.

I am totally lost as to what to do. I did to a course on MS Access and SQL Transact and programming in SQL but still at a lost how this stuff works.

If my question is in the wrong Topic pls moderators move it to the correct Forum and let me know. Like i said i need some step by step guidence here, either someone can give me some directional tips or direct me to a web link that will teach me excately from starting up my pc to developing and displaying databased info in a web browser, and how to accomplish this feat. Ive googled and only find bits and pieces that makes no sense.

Thank you.

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OK, ive spoken to someone who's good with databases and programming and so on but i dont want to hound him for info all the time, so here goes.

Basically he suggested i use MS Visual Studio, create a Windows based Form that pulls data from a database displaying the info in a Web browser/page application that i will create but i need it to run from a standalone cd or dvd.

Anyone know where i can get step by step tutorials on how to do this.

I am using this for now but dont know what excately to use:


If your web application is accessing a database, you will need to use AJAX (http://www.w3schools.com/Ajax/Default.Asp) or some server side language. You use that language to connect to the database and write queries to obtain the data with that language as well. So you don't need to put any queries in the Access database; although, sometimes that's a good way to debug them - by running them within Access.

If it needs to run off a CD, then you need to install a web server on the CD. try http://www.server2go-web.de/

Steps I would take:
1. write the html for the web page
2. write AJAX - so that only the portion of the page that displays the search results will get reloaded, not the entire page
3. write server script that contains the SQL queries
4. once it works on your computer, get the webserver installed on the cd and transfer all the code over to the cd.

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