i am a al atudent...i hv to do a pjt about creating a database of sports day...although i hv learnt some sql about database...but i really don't know how to start to create a database.....eg...use wt software..wt have to include inside.....how can i show my product to my teacher...the pjt guideline said that we hv to create a prototype...wt's that? anyone plz help me ......i have to do this project in this summer holiday....

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Hopefully, English isn't your first language. If this is for your class, why not ask your teacher? I'm sure he/she would have explained a little something about how to proceed before demanding students create a database on their own.

If asking for a prototype, it could be something as simple as a diagram showing the described tables: their names, fields, relationship to other tables. Ask your teacher if the prototype is a working demonstration or just a UML diagram.


oh...thanks....but since our teacher is very impatient and now is summer holiday...he is not in school....he supposes us do it all by our own....that's why i am so worried .....regarding the prototype....now i know is just some diagram showing the content...

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