Hello All.

I want to update email in User table from the active directory. For this i am doing the following.
1. Extract all usernames from User table whose emails are not updated
SELECT username FROM `mantis_user_table` WHERE email = 'No Email' or email = '' into outfile "C:/temp/test1.txt"
2.Run command from command prompt to get the corresponding email ids from Active Directory with outputs username and email in text file
for /f %i in (test1.txt) do (dsquery user -samid %i|dsget user -empid -email|Find /V "dsget"|Find /V "empid"|Find /V "email">>C:/temp/user-email.txt)
3.Now i want to update these emails again in the User table. Can you please advice me how can i achieve step 3??

Many thanks.

Hmm, I think you need to tie each name to the email.

So I reckon the safest way would to write a massive query:

I'm just paraphrasing the syntax so it isn't 100% correct but you should get the idea.

UPDATE username = john dun ... email = email from text file
UPDATE username= sue smith... email = email from text file

If you know how to program you could probably code that to interrogate your text file and auto generate the query. Then simply paste that query into your MySql prompt.

(Disclaimer: This is just a suggestion and hasn't been tested, use at your own risk)