I am new to databases, this is my first attempt at one. I coach a girls softball team and I am trying to put together some useful stats from the tables that I have made. I have several tables of data, 4 or 5 quries, 3 or 4 reports and a couple of lists. All seems to be going pretty smoothly except in my OFFENSIVE STAT (batting ave) query I can't get my batting average column to be in a good format. Batting averages should be a 3 digits number like .333,
.450, .625 etc...and a perfect game would be 1000. No matter what I pick in the format box (interger, standard, percent.....) I can't seem to get the right format that I would like. Can someone please help me.

p.s. I tried to upload my database for you to look at but it failed all attempts. Don't know what I am doing wrong there.

First, you need to make sure that the database is recording the number correctly. Does it record the digits after the decimal point? I only mention this because you had mentioned the use of integer, which does not record anything beyond the decimal point.

The appropriate values for the field properties are:
Field Size - Double
Format - Fixed
Decimal Places - 4

The field size of double tells access to accept values with decimal points, the format of fixed tells access to show the same number of digits after the decimal point each time and the decimal places tells access how many digits after the decimal point to display.