I am supposed to write an query which will add new attribute to my already existing table
So I written this

ADD e_mail CHAR(20)

which is fine, however when I try insert required data for each row I get stuck

INSERT INTO member(e_mail) VALUES('johnwhite@msn.com');

Can anyone help me please....

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After all I found my lost way trough the darknest and here is my final code

ADD e_mail CHAR(20);

UPDATE member SET e_mail='johnwhite@msn.com' WHERE member_no='A2345';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='leeJulie@aol.com' WHERE member_no='R3456';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='d_ford@yahoo.com' WHERE member_no='S4567';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='maryhowe@aol.co.uk' WHERE member_no='S7654';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='mrobinson@msn.com' WHERE member_no='A7412';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='ahmed_h@msn.co.uk' WHERE member_no='B6421';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='AnnMat@f2s.com' WHERE member_no='A1246';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='amohammady@box.com' WHERE member_no='R8916';
UPDATE member SET e_mail='fairyjack@aol.com' WHERE member_no='S1248';

Hope I will pass my module :lol:

Dear friend

The only way you can insert data (or in other words update ur table with new data) is by using UPDATE command followed by some condition.

And have u used TOAD( a software for viewing sql data in a neat format unlike SQL* plus).I think that will make ur life a bit easy as well for updating large volumes of data in near future

Thanks for interest.
As you can see this was part of my coursework. I must admit that to learn SQL was interesting experience however the course hasn't got appropriate backup. What I mean, our tutor answers been often confusing, not to much in notes and tutorials did not provide enought experience, for example to insert data in new attribute. Only think close to this for us was update already existing data. In the proces of learning it logicly come to me to do it exactly as populating table with INSERT INTO.
Now I know, I was wrong.

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