I am creating a database for a car hiring service and would like to produce reports. I know these are simple to create in MS Access but i dont have the fainest idea if these are at all possible in MySQL. I have created tables and queries to which I would like these reports from but how would you go about in creating reports???
Thannks :)

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Try these
1. http://freshmeat.net/projects/phpmyadmin/
This is what I use for MySQL administrtion...might not be the best solution for reports...exports but doesn't display things in easy read formats...however, you can export to excel.

2. http://freshmeat.net/projects/agatareport/
This program looks fantastic. I downloaded it immediately when I found it. However, I have not yet had the chance to see how well it works. Others at their forum sight have said it works fantastic. So, if you're interested...I guess give it a try.

Obviously both are dependent upon php.

hey, why dont you try navicat premium as a MYSQL administrator. i liked it.

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Thanks for that resources...need to register to access the full benefit.

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