I have a products table containing the following fields amongst others:

Product ID
Product Name
Product Type
Trade Price

In my order table & form I have fields that I setup with "look up" data type (this puts a dropdown box on the table & form) that finds data for product type and product name from my products table above. I noticed that when I set the lookup that a new relationship appeared on my relationships page.

QUESTION A) I want to select a product type from my dropdown and only the products matching that type will appear in my product name drop down. Effectivly filtering my product results allowed.
QUESTION B) Once I have filtered my products drop down (as in part A) and I have selected the particular product from my next look up I want the trade price and RRP to update using the data from my products table.

Can anybody please shed some light on how to achieve this and explain what steps I need to take? I am a little rusty with Access.