I was searching through the net and found this exciting web-development forum.
I need to design a database for "problem" section --one of the tab in our website.
The contents are
It has got Table of contents: list of all chapters
chapter 1 - chapter 16 and each chapter has got 3 different sections and each section has got around 20 problems.

The administrator/user operation will be editing,saving and updating those questions.Further Administrator can add few question if he wants as well change the solutions required.

Can you tell me the best database desing ..how the fields should b?

I haven't heard from anybody regarding database design......is this is a really helpful website forums for database......

You should try to make 3 tables: one for the chapters, one for the sections, and one for the questions. Then, you can use the primary key of the Chapters table as a foreign key for the Sections table, and use the primary key of the Sections table as a foreign key of the Questions tables.

This way, you can expand the number of chapters, sections, or questions at will, as well as delete questions. If you delete a section or chapter, you will need a plan for what happens to the orphaned questions (or sections and questions).

Hope this gets you started.