We have a number of small access 2003 databases. We will be upgrading to access 2007 and there will be a period when some of us are 2003 and the remainder 2007.

Is it going to be possible to use access under both 2003 and 2007 simultaneously?

Thanks in advance

You can convert access databases down. That is if you have a 2007 db you can convert it to a 2003. When you save an acess db you can choose what version you want to save it as. So if you create a database using Access 2007 and want to also use it on Access 2003, you can save the file as a 2003 db. This way you can use it on both versions of Access, and even lower if anyone still has those ;)

Thanks for the quick response Grn Xtrm. That is much appreciated and a relief.

I would also say that you need to

1. Be using split databases

2. Have each user using a copy of the frontend on their machine.

This is the way all multi-user databases should be done anyway, otherwise you're playing Russian Roulette with corruption.

What has been showing up have been questions from people who are using the same database file and having users on different versions running the same file at the same time. If that occurs, you run a big risk of the users not being able to use the file.

Hi Bob,

Yes, I have split the dbs and have everyone using a unique front end. Most of the dbs here were not split when I arrived but they are now. I have more experience with FileMaker than I do access, but I am slowly learning the value of each.

Thanks for you advice.


Yeah access 2003 cant open the new 2007 file formats (and the converter pack only works for word, excel and powerpoint). Another thing to note is that support for Pages has been partially removed in 2007. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/HA100308321033.aspx

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