Hi everyone,

I am tasked to alter the front-end of the database and have been given the whole wad of PHP files and also an .SQL file.

My question is, Why i cant see any changes to the database front-end when i change the .sql file. (I tried creating a new column in one table, lets call it abc123, and column name is equipment_name).

Its pretty basic question but has got me totally stumped. Also, would appreciate if someone could guide me on how to proceed to change the front-end. what files will i actually need to update to see the changes ive made to any table/database .

looking for quick answer.

Kind regards,

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The .sql file is just a dump of the database. If you make changes to this file, it won't affect the database itself. You either need to use e.g. phpMyAdmin, a database tool or import the sql file again to change the database.

What php files you need to change is hard to say without more specific information.

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