i want to ask about joomla...I dont where else to ask but here...
I hope you all can help me..

I've installed joomla 1.5 on my localhost which is Xammp...
I also have created the mysql database through the free webhosting(zymic.com)..

After i finish with the joomla installation,i wanted to move my joomla site from the localhost to the web..
And for this intention,i am using moovla.php...

I open up my browser,and type the url of"http://localhost/moovla.php....
There,i entered all of the information about my Mysql database..(localhost,username,url to my website,prefix)..
This thing seemed to run smoothly but not until i try to reach my own website with the url that i typed before...

When i type the url on the browser,the page of zymic came out..It says that :

Zymic Free Web Hosting

If you are the website owner:

Congratulations, your Zymic Free Web Hosting account has been sucessfully created!

You may now replace this file (index.html) and start uploading your website. To do so either use our file manager in your control panel or use FTP.

Please remember to read our TOS, any inappropriate sites will be deleted without warning!

If you are a visitor:

The owner of this website has not edited their homepage, and therefore their website may not be complete.

Looking to start a website? Try our Free Web Hosting.


i just have know idea what else to do...

Please help me....

Thank You.... :)

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Use FileZilla and transfer all files from the root i.e. where index.php of Joomla exists (with directories) to your host.

i got this error :
You will not be able to proceed beyond this point until the installation directory has been removed. This is a security feature of Joomla!.
Click here when the directory has been removed.

but i do not installed it yet for my "http://www.gtsexpert.zzl.org"..

i only installed it in locALHOST BEFORE THIS BUT NOT on my zzl.org..

what should i do?

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You need to delete / rename (preferred) the directory called install or setup, I don't remember exactly.

Hi, i read through the other guide of others but dont understand it well. I get design using joomla and want to upload it in cpanel that dont have fantantico. How do i go about it. please help me.Thanks.