I would like find out is it advisable for me to have the city and province on a seperate table and then link them to the country table. This is because a city is govern by a mayor where else a province is govern by a governor.

- countryId
- description
- memberId

- cityId
- description
- countryId

- provinceId
- description
- countryId

Yes, city and province should be different tables; however, in addition to that, do provinces contain cities? If so, then perhaps you should use the provinceID as a FK in the city table.

share with details. Thanks a lot.

CITY should refer to province not to country table directly.

I did some research on the hotmail account registration and I found that when you select a country the next option to be selected will either be a city or province or state or contituent. For example if I select the country as Venezuela then I can select only province. When I select the country Australia then I can select only state. When I select the country United Kingdom then I can select only constituent country. When I select the country Malaysia then I can select only city. Does this mean I create a seperate table representing province, state, constituent and city?.

If yes, a seperate table indeed is to be created, then how do I associate it to a country?

I know how, base on the countryId. :)

Once you start start thinking, will get answer to most of your own questions.

correct I should focus on one thing at a time :)

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