Im in over my head and have a small project to complete using MS Access. It involves setting up 3 tables, creating forms, queries and a report. I have a narrative that describes what is needed. I am willing to pay to get this done, but for somebody that is familiar with Access it shouldn't even be a challenge. I have already developed the tables with data, just need the other stuff one-to-many relationships established, forms, queries, report and a switchboard developed.

I can pay using if you are interested in picking up a little extra cash, PLEASE reply to my email address or private message on here I guess..[email removed].


I think it will be better and easier for you to tell us what you exactly want to achieve and what you have done so far and the problems that you are facing and then people can cheap in and help and in doing that you will learn so that if you see someone struggling in the same area you will be able to help.

Just having some doing that for you and pay will not help much. if you are still interested please tell us what you want to do and the problems that you are currently facing

Many Thanks

Can you tell us what exactly the project is?

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If the OP wishes to ask technical questions related to completing his project, he can make a new thread for those.

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