Hi all,

I have an assignment about analysing the Distributed Information System for a typical International Shipping Company such as Hapag-Lloyd, Sally Line UK etc. The assignment mentioned about some objects such as Ship, Container, Consignment, Port, Voyage, Client, Representative, Contract, Manifest log, also about Crane system, Crane controller, Cranes actuators, Crane sensor etc. Howerver, the relationships between them, the properties, and the working scenarios are not provided. It's hard to abstract information from such a bad specification like that.

So, I have to know some legacy working system in real world before starting to analyse. I try to read some information about these companies but I felt there are too much complexity. All of them don't provide any information about IT system related to them.

Anyone has a sample databse (any DBMS), script or just some easy-to-understand information about such this type of company? Please help me!

Thank for any help!