Hello everyone I am new to access and have been trying to teach myself a bit lately. In any case, I have a problem with a specific text box(NumofMonths) within a form. I need for the default value to be 12 and that it may be edited. This text box is nested along with like 10 others which all interact and calculate depending on the textbox(NumofMonths). I can't edit it due to the expression. Gives me the error "Could not be edited: bound to the expression..."

When I right click properties to check the control source i see: "=Forms![Rex Leasing Account History]![Number of Months]"

I don't understand this expression. Can someone explain the syntax more or less. I can't find anything named "Number of Months" on this form. Can it be pulling the info from another table? I have a table named "Rex Leasing Account" which has this criteria.

Any help would be great. Thanks!!

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Nvm did some research on expressions and got it to work! Thanks everyone. Marked as Solved.

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