Hi Everybody,
I am a newb in SQL Server 2000. I have a genuine question.
Actually what is the use of this sql server, just to store information/datas of small size??? that is:

Name: Anish
Sex: Male

in this format?? Maybe this question arises in my mind due to lack of industrial exterience. But we can see that peoples discussing this matter to retrieve data in asp pages or maybe in visual basic. But as a newcomer in this field, i didn't even digest this sort of this things.

Okay tell me, we can see this daniweb.com site, buttons, links, pictures, text box for posting new threads, smileys etc. Is the content of the site stored in sql server? How?

Yesterday i have installed sql server 2000, and have successfully retreived data from northwind database to my .asp page. That is all fine.

But how it is possible to save a bmp or jpg picture at the above said server. Possible? How can i save an html file to my sql server 2000. I have had a look for the above said problem for the last 3 weeks in net, but didn't get any practical experience, except this adding, deleting, updating to database things:@ . I am well aware with SQl statements.


Ok forgot everything. we know google.com search engine.. when we type: "hello" at the text box and click search, we would definitley provided with a list of all sorted results. Am i right?

like this:


Hello is a new way to look at pictures with friends and family. When you use Hello, you get to see your photographs together with your friends online. ...

http://www.hello.com/man.aspx cached page

But how?
I had seen it is not possible to store char of more than 255 at the dataspace. so please give me some practical experience.


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Don't store images in your database; you're best storing them on your file system and storing their location/filename in the database

name  | age |          image
 Leroy |  19 | images/people/leroy.jpeg
(1 row)

And you don't want to be storing whole HTML files in the database; just the bits that change. You'll find that the header, footer, menus etc on your page will stay the same but your content will differ.


I agree that storing images in your database is probably not the best way to do it. But it is possible. Look into BLOB's (binary large object)

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