I need to set up a database for a company that has 40 employees. The employer wants the employees to log in to the web site and view their work schedule. A non technical person would need to create and submit the schedules weekly.

What type of database do I need?

How do I insure that each employee can only view their info?

How do I create an interface that the secretary can use to up load the schedules?

I appreciate the time it takes for answers
Thank you

You can use any database (MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, etc.) It probably depends on how you are going to create the front-end, i.e. what language are you going to use ? A web language like PHP or ASP.NET, or a compiled language like C#, C++ or Delphi ?

I do not know which would work best but I have used PHP for contact forms. I have no hard experience with any of those languages. Any Suggestions?

PHP will do fine in my opinion. You can find a lot of examples for it.

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