Hi..I'm new here, posted my problem before but can't really keep track of it, don't know where it is so i decided to start a new thread,, i hope this is not a problem...
I'm trying to create a database for a school..it should be able to incorporate virtually everything a school does...i've gone ahead to do a few things but i need someone to review them for me, so if anyone is available, reply so i can attach the er diagram asap..thanks

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go ahead and post your database design here.

thanks a lot debasisdas...i have attached the er-diagram, thanks once again...I hope i attached it well


Can't see anything meaningful (you just try to open and check how it looks)
Please attach as a PDF atleast.


I've already figured it out and gone 10 giant steps ahead with my project, So i guess I'll simply mark this as solved..Too bad I received little or no help at all from this forum.

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