I was looking to make a VERY simple PHP/MySQL loginish username site, as an exercise, when I came across the problem of storing info on the users. I am very new at this (hence the need for an exercise), so I was wondering if anyone could direct in the right direction. (I already figured out the login part, with very much help from http://www.evolt.org/node/60265.)


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WHAT problem of storing information on users?

Sorry, I guess I wasn't that clear. As in, where would I store it? In the table, on some text file on the server, etc???


You'd store info on the users in the users table in your database. That's what databases are for.

If you stored info on them in a text file, then you've just created a flatfile database, and then you have to learn how to retrieve data from such a table. Stick to using your mysql database and your users table, and let mysql and queries do the hard work for you.

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