Just wondering, why is it that PHP seems to be the preferred option over JSP when dealing with MySQL databases?

I've long gone off PHP and have moved onto JSP in more recent times and find that it handles the over-all performance much better.

I'd like to hear from all of you as to which you prefer and why.

Seems like a question more about JSP and PHP than about MySql. I use PHP on one website because of external constraints, and JSP on another because of job constraints.

Sorry. this wasn't intended to be a question about PHP vs. MySQL, it was just that it appeared as though most people who had MySQL queries were working in PHP. Just wondering why is all.

No problem. I guess it is pretty much cultural: At some point, some PHP guru used MySQL, probably wrote some cool/useful MySQL-specific code; and then that corpus of PHP got re-used, modified, blogged about etc, and it just kind of grew from there.

Maybe you are also seeing a difference between open source and closed/commercial projects. I guess that more JSP projects are closed (and bigger on average) and more PHP projects are open. Maybe.

I'll answer the poll this way: I prefer option 3 -- I'm mostly working in Python right now, so neither PHP nor JSP is my preferred way to handle SQL.