i am develop website in jsp as per our final year project rule of college.my project is public transportation.i am creating site for it.
now my problem is to create database for bus train and flight ticket reservation..
how can i create database for it and also journey table for it..

station id(p)
station name



seat id(p)
train id(f)

journey id(f)
train id(f)

journey station-table
journeyid (f)

i have to match source to destination by users and available train details how it is possible..??plz send me reply

i want to do this
source station=
and get available trains list
and also ticket price calculation....

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it's easy to create a database.
Just follow the installation instructions for your chosen database engine, and then read the manual on how to use it.

but sir i can create database but i want to use in jsp page how it is possible i dont know how to plan journey and how to manage data of tables.......so plz help me

time to run through some tutorials about Java before you start thinking about such things.
If you had, you'd have known at least what you need to use, and have some idea as to where to find more information.

Sun/Oracle have good tutorials...

hello sir if u have any link for tutorial plz give mr i ill refer that...........
ThanX in advance...

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