Hi everyone, that's my first post in these MySQL forums :) In college they gave us a E/R in order to make it on MySQL Workbench and I'm not sure if it is OK. If you could help me it'd be great :D Because I started with MySQL just a few days ago...

All this is about a league of soccer since here in Spain we love soccer so much.

Here's the picture of the E/R model:

And here the file I created with MySQL workbench:

I'm sure you will realize if that's correct or not in a few secs but I'm still a n00b in MySQL subjects... I hope I'm not abusing of you, but that's only the question I've got *¬* My main problems are the foreign keys and all that stuff.

Cheers from Spain, bubblellicious.

Hey bubblellicious ! This E/R model is not incorrect. You just need to drill down a bit and understand it. This is the most simple form of E/R. You will need to define the primary/foreign keys on your own, based on the relations Model (1:1, 1:N etc).

[First, solve the problem. Then, write the code]

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