hi everyone...this is madhuri....im new to MySql database...I hav to design the database for my project "Virtual Tutor", in which the tutor reads the words documents virtually.

My role in this project is to design the front end and back end...im using JSP for front end and Mysql as backend..as im new to this programming.....pleaseeeeee help me in doing this....

my question is after installing the database "how can v create our own user" ,"query to create a database and table", "query to store word files and video files" and "how can we connect database to my front end"

The answers to all your questions are here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc ... just pick your version in the top left corner, then dive right in. If you have no SQL (as opposed to MySQL) experience, you should start with a very simple tutorial. For intstance: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp. note I have not used this particular tutorial, but have like some other things at w3schools.

hi...thnx for ur links....i will go through that stuff...and i have some problem in downloading mysql database....i dont know why....im trying to download it from this link http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mirror.php?id=390181#mirrors
it took 4hrs to download the file and when i tried to install it....it is giving me some error....can u pls suggest me some link to install mysql database....which version wil b best???
and im using JSP as my front end Jcreator as IDE...and mysql as backend...Apache tomcat as server to run the project.is it good for my project "Virtual Tutor"...and can u pls tell me how to connect to database and front end...and how to start the server????


I think you will do better looking in other place for specific information. For instance, I cannot help you diagnose the problem when you tell me "some error" but you can search the web for the exact error and see what others have done.

No, I will not tell you how to connect to the database and the front end. (Connect to the front end? What?) It is all in the documents for your tools. Look there, please.

im sorry for not explainig the things in detailed......my question is how to establish a connection between database(Ex:Mysql) and server(ex:Apache Tomcat) in order to run a web-based project....i mean....the statement used in JSP pages to connect to the datase using JDBC:ODBC connection....and also we need to set Data Source Name in administrative tools which is in control panel.....

sorry for troubling you

Thank you for ur help......

Yeah, well, you don't connect Apache to the database. You connect your web app to the database and you tell Apache (or Tomcat) about the web app. I haven't done any Java web stuff for some while, so it is all quite rusty in my head. You will certainly be better off reading the docs yourself. Better yet, try to find an Apache config file that is already set for something like what you want, and "use it as a template" (which is also spelled "steal it") :)

.and also we need to set Data Source Name in administrative tools which is in control panel.....: I have no idea what you are talking about... Administrative Tools for what? Anyway, I'm sure you will be able to get it going by reading your documentation.

Suggestion: When posting here, it is good to think of DaniWeb as a "question compiler": You need to explain everything about your circumstance: What OS, what IDE, what language, what database. You also need to say in exact detail what the problem is. If there is in error, what is the error message? What were you doing (trying to do) when that error happened? What have you tried that did not work to fix the problem? It is obvious that you do not speak English as your first language. Congratulations on doing a good job in this foreign language. But don't be lazy: Even if your English grammar and syntax is bad and it is hard to think how to say what you want to say: You must tell the whole story if you want to get best possible help.