i get an excel report each month,

There are two columns (person`s name and Salary)
in this month report there was 99 persons.

my question is , if in next month excel report there are less persons...say 75, and also 23 persons raised their salary..

how can i updatae this changes in a mysql table that i have this mysql table has the exact same two columns and the exact same information i have in excel...

is there a way to do this?

Please help

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Do you want the whole process to be automated?

If that is the case, you could use the Excel API and convert the Excel file to some program understandable text format and write a program to extract and write the info to the database.


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Yes, you can script a solution. The question then is, what programming languages are you comfortable with? If you are not a programmer, then you need to find one.

You can use ODBC drivers to connect directly to an Excel file. You can then iterate the rows just like a normal SQL table. So your code would iterate the rows in Excel, and update the MySQL db as necessary.

Once you know what language you prefer to use, you should post in the appropriate programming forum--your question is really a programming question, not a database question.

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