HI all,
Im looking for a program that will work with WinXP(shareware or freeware preferred) that works basically like the startmenu. Its for and inventory thing im trying. Needs to give a list of choices and if you click one, it will open a sub box with a new choice and list and each one of those will open a sub box with a new choice and list. Needs to be a program i can put the info in myself and change etc. It will run like the start menu when u hit all programs. Im not sure if there is a program like that but any help would be greatly appreciated. Im trying to get it set up to looks for vehicle parts in my inventory by year,make,model etc. like an auto parts store comp would do.

Thanks for your time and help

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I don't know any programs you can install (which obviously doesn't mean they don't exist).
Maybe you can build a web application to achieve your objective... :p

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