How to create database in oracle.
Is the tablespace and database same?
Do we need to install client from oracle 9i?

I have the code as follows

Create Tablespace SCT_DATA
Datafile 'sct_data.dat' size 10M

and i come across the error as follows
Create Tablespace SCT_DATA
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

What should i do?


A tablespace is contained within the database. It is the way oracle sees a file at the O/S level.

If you are using 9i connect to the dataabse from the command prompt

C:\> sqlplus "/ as sysdba"


Then create your tablespace

create tablespace my_data datafile
'c:\oradata\orcl\my_data01.dbf' size 512m
autoextend on next 128m maxsize 4096m
extent management local autoallocate;

Hope it helps.


The error message is self explanatory.

You need to try using the command from sys or system log in or from any other account having the required prevelages.

You need to be logged as sysdba only then you'll have sufficient previledges to create a desired tablespace...

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