Please advise me on any good performance monitoring softwares for Oracle Database. Budget is no issue.

I want to find and fix performance bottlenecks in Oracle Database (Oracle 9i Rel2), as well as generate graphs on statistics collected over a period of time.

At present I am evaluating:

1) Spotlight® on Oracle from Quest Software
2) DB Tools for Oracle from SoftTree Technologies

A typical performance monitoring tool has:

System Monitoring Specification
General Server Metrics
Physical Reads
Physical Reads per Minute
Logical Reads
Logical Reads per Minute
Physical Writes
Physical Writes per Minute
User Calls
User Calls per Minute
User Commits
User Commits per Minute
User Rollbacks
User Rollbacks per Minute
Connections Cumulative
Connections Cumulative per Minute
Connections Current
Bytes Sent via SQL*Net
Bytes Sent via SQL*Net per Minute
Bytes Received via SQL*Net
Bytes Received via SQL*Net per Minute
Client Roundtrips
Client Roundtrips per Minute
Opened Cursors Cumulative
Opened Cursors Cumulative per Minute
Opened Cursors Current
CPU Time Total
CPU Time Total per Minute
CPU Time Recursive
CPU Time Recursive per Minute
CPU Time Parse
CPU Time Parse per Minute
Cache Hit Ratio
Up Time
Block Changes
Block Changes per Minute
Redo Size Generated
Redo Size Generated per Minute
Redo Log Size
Session PGA Memory
Session UGA Memory
Parse Count (total)
Parse Count (total) per Minute
Parse Count (hard)
Parse Count (hard) per Minute
Sorts Disk
Sorts Disk per Minute
Sorts Memory
Sorts Memory per Minute
Sorts Rows
Sorts Rows per Minute
Table Scans (long)
Table Scans (long) per Minute
Table Scans (short)
Table Scans (short) per Minute
Execute Count
Execute Count per Minute
Instance Used Space
Instance Free Space


I am both a certified Oracle and MS SQLServer DBA.

I have been using Quest tools for several years and have found them to be excellent. I have used Spotlight on Oracle for production server monitoring and found it to be very useful and effective. Quest has a suite of tools that not only allow you to monitor the database but also diagnose the cause of problems.

I highly recommend the Quest tools.

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