Not sure if many ppl here use navicat, but I am somewhat confused by the way data entries are handled through my page and how that interacts with my local db server and my remote db server. For example, at work I am sometimes working on cfm templates on my laptop, and sometimes I'm working on my desktop with the same cfm templates. Now I realize, since I have navicat on my laptop as well as my desktop, that those are two different localhost and DB servers, but both instances are connected to my remote DB server and therefore I would think update the remote database simultaneously. It doesnt seem to be the case. Also, maybe I'm confused about this as well, but when I view my tables in navicat, shouldnt they be the latest version FROM the remote server? I know one day last week I entered 30 or so new records through my webpage remotely, but the records didnt show up when I viewed the table with navicat. Do I need to manually "get" the updated database from the remote DB server? or should this be something that is automatic? Please can someone give me some pointers on this issue? Thanks in advance!

I use navicat too. If your connections are the same at work and home then they both connect to the same database. If you connect to localhost and the user/password are the same (at work and at home), then they will connect to the database where you are locally. This could be your issue. In the connection properties, change localhost to the remote server name or ip address.

Hi pritaeas, thanks for the reply. I actually have two connections in navicat set up with my remote db server that are exactly the same. Why I dont know. But the issue I think is using two different pc's to enter data AND using either localhost to enter data, or goin on the page remotely and entering data. For example, I am on my laptop now. I have entered several hundred records in the database using this laptop and the localhost and remote servers. Then I have gone on my desktop here at work as well and entered data using the localhost and remote server. So when I open navicat here on my desktop, it might show 1555 records, but then I can go look on my desktop and open navicat and it doesn't show the new records in the table. It might show 1530 records. Even though both instances of navicat are connected to the remote DB server.

I guess what I'm getting at is that when I eventually have someone doing data entry here at the office, I assume I would want her doing it locally first, then upload those new records to the remote server. So how then if we add database records locally, would I ensure that all records were handled correctly and all records would get put to the remote DB server.

You would need some synchronization scheme. If you want to do it with navicat, it has a data synchronization option.

Yes I have tried to synchronize data from local to remote servers. It's always unsuccesful and says fields do not match. How far does "matching" entail? meaning matching field names or field names data types null allowances? everything? I have looked over both db and their tables and I dont really see any differences that stand out. Thanks again for your help!

Ok I found you DO have to have everything the same including data types. I had one data type as text in one table and varchar type in the local table. I just did a data synch and it works. Thanks!

Hi I'm new to this forum, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever experienced Navicat loosing all databases and or connections???