How exactly do I transfer data from my local server to my remote server. I had been using Navicat, but want to do it using myPhpAdmin, if possible. Thanks for any help in advance.

I know there is an export/import option, but I'm not sure how to export a table to a remote server. All I see is export to text files, excel files and such as that.

First you have to export a table from your local server as SQL and then import the same file using import function.

lol no sorry, I think I'm half brain dead so I didn't even notice you had links in your post...sorry and thanks!

ok I'm kinda confused here. First let me explain my scenario. I have a desktop at work that is running WAMP and cold fusion servers. I also have a laptop thats running WAMP and Coldfusion. My laptop is running Navicat as well, which I have been using for database admin. My desktop was running Navicat, but it was the trial version and has expired. Yesterday, I was updating several records in the database, well about 100 records to be more specific, and I was using my desktop and the CF templates to do these update queries.
Now, when I go into myPhpAdmin, the records I updated are not there. Of course I was updating them using my localhost browser, but now I need to get the local MySQL database to transfer and update the remote database. The Navicat I have now on my desktop is the Lite version and limist me to only export to txt file with delimiters or html file, or XML or finally MS windows Clipboard. I exported the table to a text file yesterday, but when I try to import it in phpAdmin, it says there is an error with my SQL. So I'm trying to figure out how to now import these 100 or so records to my remote db. Any help would be greatly appreciated.