Ok back again. lol I just purchased a new hosting provider and was trying to transfer my database over to my new site. I exported the tables using Navicat and "tab" as the delimiter. I have three tables and they all saved as text files and look fine when I open them. I went into my DB admin in my sites control panel and that of course opened phpMyAdmin page where I can import these text files into my new db. When I try this however, I get an error for all three text files that really isnt very descriptive of how or why its occurring. Here is the error:

SQL query: 

1Philips2Eiko3Donar4Sylvania5Hikari6GE7Osram8Kandolite9Ushio10Westinghouse11Unknown12Demo13Generic14Thorn15Halco16Perko17Narva18CEC19Import20Orbitech21Prism22Plus23EYE24Plusrite25Hosobuchi26Wagner27Carley28Welch Allyn29Nikon30Topcon31Radiac32LTI33Major 

MySQL said:  

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '1    Philips
2    Eiko
3    Donar
4    Sylvania
5    Hikari
6    GE
7    Osram
8    Kandolite
9    ' at line 1

I tried importing all three tables separately, but no luck. I see it has that apostrophe "at line 1" Not sure if thats part of the error message, but I dont see any strange characters in my text files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: text file import 80 80

Nevermind...lol I had tried and thought I made a new connection with Navicat, but in fact hadn't. So I created a new conneciton again and then just copied and pasted the tables from my old hosting site to my new site using Navicat. Awesome!

Re: text file import 80 80

Welcome back.

I exported the tables using Navicat and "tab" as the delimiter.

I always prefer exporting database as an SQL file. In SQL you don't need to be careful about delimiters, formatting etc.

Re: text file import 80 80

Hi mwasif, thats good information and I will try it out in the future! Thanks for the help. Until I learn more SQL, I will probably stick with Navicat. Its so easy and I have alot of others issues and problems Im trying to solve for a new site! It never ends! lol

Re: text file import 80 80

There is no problem sticking with Navicat. Navicat also gives the option to export DB as an SQL file :)

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