Hi all,
I am looking into buolding a website that would be able to give hotel availaibity + rates over the internet. I am not looking at taking booking from my website.
What I am after is building a database that would hold availability for 5 different hotels

The DB would have to return the following value:
Nbre Single rooms available
Price single room
Nbre double rooms available
Price double room
Check in date
Check out date
I have already started to work on something but I do not think it is the best I would like to get some suggestion, help from someone on how to start the db to make it easy to manage.
Thanks for your help, Didier.

It all depends on how far you want to go. In a typical setup I would use tables for the hotels, for the room types, for availability and one for pricing (if it changes over time).

Hi thanks for replying to the post.
What I want to create is a website that would show availability and prices per date (prices will vary from date to date) I am very confused about the date. As you can imagine hotel staff would be able to go on website and check prices and room availaibility by entering check in and out date. I am very stuck on how to start with the DB. Thanks for your help Didier

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May be you can find here the idea how start or here.

Thanks for the links. I do not understand where I should incorporate the dates.
I would like to give the opportunity for the hotel group to update their availability online. They will all have their own User ID and password.
For example if they are going onto the website they can choose a check in date and a check out date and the website will retrieve the rates per date which might (probably will) be different everyday. Hope that is clear. Thanks for your help. Didier